Maranatha Adventist Christian School


First Quarter Highlights

The end of the first quarter has come and gone.  Report cards will be available shortly and parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled. 

Students have been studying the Middle Ages in social studies this past month.  Artwork is lining our walls.  Items such as each student's personal shield design and giant paper people dressed in character costumes greet us each day.   We have also studied Europe and Russia.  To end our unit, we watched the dramatic "Night Crossing" from Disney Films, depicting a true story of two families who risked everything to find freedom in West Germany in the days before the wall fell.  Students really liked the story and it's one of my favorites.  We also watched "The Hiding Place", the story of Corrie Ten Boom, who was part of a Christian family who hid Jews in their home during the Holocaust.  This is a wonderful story of total faith in Jesus through very dark times.  Of special encouragement were Betsy's words, "However deep we may fall, God's love is deeper."

We welcome visitors to our school.  Come and see what your students are doing!